Behavioral Health School-Based Case Coordinator

Behavioral Health School-Based Case Coordinator


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As a core member of both Lamoille Health Partners Clinical Enterprise (CE) and Behavioral Health & Wellness (BHW) teams, this role integrates with People’s Academy and Stowe Public Schools.


The School-based Case Coordinator provides prevention, early identification and intervention strategies, as well as targeted, short-term treatment for behavioral health conditions. This individual works with other school-based therapeutic resources, coordinating the students’ plan of care to support the student in achieving their goals. The School-based Case Coordinator provides healthy lifestyle counseling, education for chronic conditions, and general case coordination for high-risk, socially complex patients. This role helps identify and manage unmet needs of the patients to ensure appropriate resources are in place to improve outcomes. Additionally, this role supports the family by connecting them to identified community resources or those requested by the schools to ensure participation by removing barriers.

School-based Case Manger Coordinator integrates care partners in various settings addressing barriers for social determinants of health, medical care and related behavioral health factors that affect health and well-being.



  1. Perform student and/or family assessment interviews, screening as needed to gather information for diagnosis, treatment planning, consultation, and coordination activities.
  2. Diagnose mental health problems and substance use accurately and thoroughly, using established criteria.
  3. Provide short-term therapy for mental health and substance use problems appropriately using established techniques, protocols and strategies if necessary. Short-term therapy may be used to address immediate or crisis issues, however the goal of long-term therapy may be required.
  4. Involves patient in development of treatment plan; coordinates treatment plan with other clinicians and agencies as needed.
  5. Provide information and facilitate referral and assistance to those seeking to access these longer-term services.
  6. Document all patient encounters according to procedure.
  7. Participate in clinical supervision with clinical supervisor or designee to review all active supervised cases and other clinical needs on a regular basis.
  8. Coordinate services and build relationships with school-based providers, Lamoille Health Partners BHW and Clinical Enterprise teams, and others as determined.
  9. Actively participate in multiorganizational care teams and case reviews to provide students with wrap-around care coordination through diverse community resources.
  10. Provide clinical consultation to school partners, care teams, and families as needed.
  11. Conducts outreach with students and their families through face-to-face, telephone and/or portal contacts in order to facilitate support to achieve self-management goals.
  12. Provides student and family education and instruction on issues of community resources providing students/families with educational materials for self-management that are both paper and web-based.



  1. Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology or Clinical Social Work.
  2. Licensure as Mental Health Counselor, Psychologist or Clinical Social Worker, or certification as Alcoholism/Substance Abuse Counselor, within an agreed upon time frame.
  3. Three to five years’ experience in private practice, community mental health service or hospital setting beneficial.
  4. Training in a recognized form of psychotherapeutic treatment, cognitive, behavioral therapy or brief solution focused therapy.
  5. Training in medical psychology, hypnosis, behavioral therapy, addictions counseling, group treatment, child/family psychotherapy and/or couples’ counseling.
  6. Familiarity with local services and service providers preferred.
  7. Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills.
  8. Driven and self- motivated. A proven track record building and growing new initiatives.
  9. Strong organizational skills with an ability to complete all task in a timely and efficient manner.


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