July is Family Medicine Month!

Why do I need an annual physical?

Getting a physical exam allows your Primary Care Physician (PCP) to check the overall status of your health.  The exam gives you the opportunity to talk to your PCP about changes and concerns you may be experiencing.  It also allows your physician to monitor your health: blood pressure, weight, bloodwork, and mental health.

A physical can:

  •  Recognize issues that may turn into medical problems in the future
  •  Update needed immunizations
  •  Check that you are sustaining an exercise routine and health diet
  •  Help you build a strong relationship with your PCP


Call to schedule your annual physical today to keep your medical record up to date and ensure you are living your healthiest and best life!

If you do not have a PCP please call our office at 802-888-5639 to begin the paperwork to become a part of our community!